About Katrina the Fearless and the Canvas of Salvation (Mari Rodin)

Teen Decameron Well hello, fellow traveller! Want to hear the story of someone who became a hero? Do you wish that? The story goes like this; in ancient times there was a werewolf. She lived in the south and had sailed since she was a child. She was fearless, the bravest of her folk. They … Nastavi čitati About Katrina the Fearless and the Canvas of Salvation (Mari Rodin)

Spirit of the Times (Igor Milković)

With her hands still clutching the cold ceramic, she freed her head from the gaping mouth of the toilet bowl. At first, she’d shrugged off the tremors she’d felt as another wave of morning sickness. It took a moment or two for the fact that a new earthquake had, in fact, hit to reach her. … Nastavi čitati Spirit of the Times (Igor Milković)

A Lesson (Vedran Mavrović)

He walked down a street as dirty as his conscience. Wrapped in a cloak which had seen better days, he felt hundreds of eyes observing him, though nobody was in sight. Above him, the Moon was dissolving into dawn, smudging Ragusa in its light. The smell of salt wafted on the breeze, and only the … Nastavi čitati A Lesson (Vedran Mavrović)

The Box (Igor Rendić)

I knew what I would do once this was all over. From my current perspective none of my plans were something a person should be excited about: going to a bookstore and Cinestar and Street Food and for a burek, very likely one immediately after the other, possibly all at the same time. From my … Nastavi čitati The Box (Igor Rendić)

DecamerOHn (Srebrenka Peregrin)

Fuck that fucking Boccaccio fuck! I came in a completely unknown, but probably Tuscan convent. It takes me a while to figure out where I am. Luckily, there is no time difference between Croatia and Italy, it’s also the dead of night when probably no one is awake. I’m sleepy, slowed down, so it takes … Nastavi čitati DecamerOHn (Srebrenka Peregrin)

Dead Serious (Igor Milković)

The trainee’s fingertips touched his temples with bland indifference. In all fairness, the young man was, in fact, contemplating a possible getaway from the situation. The search for a misplaced legal file positioned itself as an enticing prospect, but, in the end, he just remained there… sitting glumly. His client’s voice; Šandor Marijan, ID: 746 … Nastavi čitati Dead Serious (Igor Milković)